Pudsey Lottery

About the Pudsey Lottery

The Pudsey Lottery is an exciting initiative to encourage everyone to Shop Local and support all Pudsey businesses.

The Pudsey Lottery is fully licensed by Leeds City Council and is managed though the Pudsey Business Network Forum.

The Pudsey Lottery pays out 5 prizes each month, each paid in Pudsey Pounds that can be spent in many of the local shops, market stalls and businesses.

Our latest winners

# Prize Ticket No. Sold By
1st prize P£ 378 06/22 - 920 Olde Booths Tea Rooms
2nd prize P£ 252 06/22 - 931 Olde Booths Tea Rooms
3rd prize P£ 189 06/22 - 2255 Oh Hello Studio
4th prize P£ 126 06/22 - 205 Topstitch
5th prize P£ 63 06/22 - 902 Olde Booths Tea Rooms

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